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Offering a daily tour of the Eastern side of the Irish Loop. Our destinations include the Edge Of Avalon Interpretation Centre in Portugal Cove South and Cape Race Lighthouse, Cape Race. Pick up at 8:00 AM St. John’s – 7:30/8:00 PM drop off at pick up location in St. John’s


Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site

Connection to the Guided tours, which are offered by official Parks and Natural Areas Interpretive Guides. To book a tour of the fossils call the Edge of Avalon Interpretive Centre in Portugal Cove South (709-438-1011) and ask to speak to one of the Reserve‚Äôs Interpreters.


Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre at Cape Race

Cape Race has been a world-famous landmark for five centuries, appearing on maps made by European explorers as early as 1502. Before the days of wireless navigational aids and GPS, sailors used the sun and the stars to navigate. When mariners sailing from Europe saw Cape Race, they knew they had made it across the Atlantic and were finally able to verify their positions for the first time in weeks, or sometimes even months.

Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre


Custom Excursions/Services

My 2017 Nissan NV can accommodate 11 passengers comfortably. Custom excursions can be arranged for groups of 4 or larger. Children are welcome. Contact us for more details and pricing.


Recent Adventurers

“Julie was an excellent guide. Our tour was a highlight of the entire groups Newfoundland trip. Her expertise of the local geography & must see locations was fantastic. She organized the boat trip with the boat tour and had us there in perfect timing.  We got to see the icebergs up-close and the lighthouse that received the final communications from the Titanic. Her tips of where to eat, enjoy the local music & hike were super helpful. Highly recommend this tour. ”
Adrian, Dublin, Ireland

“nothing like anything I have ever seen or done – the vastness of the coastal barrens, towering cliffs, layers of continental plate folding over each other, and fossils covering 2 cliffs that we got to explore – WOW, it felt serene!”
Emilie, Seattle, Washington